The List Of Dividend Challengers In 2020

The Dividend Challengers are stocks that that have grown their dividend for 5 to 9 consecutive years. This list is larger than the Dividend Contenders list since raising the dividend for five consecutive years is not nearly as difficult. But still, there are only 463 companies on the list. This is out of the over 4,300 […]

International Business Machines: Doing Better Than You Think

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) released earnings today. The maligned company unsurprisingly beat both revenue and earnings estimates. But the bar was low since the company has faced a declining top line for years due to an extended restructuring process that has taken years. These efforts were topped off by the 2019 purchase of Red […]

B&G Foods: 12%+ Yield, But A Dividend Cut Is Inevitable

B&G Foods (NYSE:BGS) is a stock I wrote about on March 3rd, 2019, in Seeking Alpha. I was very bearish at that time. This was largely the correct call. The stock is down over (30%) since publication of that article. In addition to being bearish, I also forecast that the dividend could be cut. This has not […]

The List Of Dividend Contenders In 2020

The Dividend Contenders are stocks that that have grown their dividend for 10 to 24 consecutive years. Although this does not seem difficult it is a relatively small list of only 265 companies. This is out of the over 4,300 companies listed on stock exchanges at end of 2018. These companies may not have grown revenue and […]

T. Rowe Price Still Has Room To Run

As my readers know, T. Rowe Price Group Inc (TROW) is one of my favorite asset managers. The company has successfully navigated investors’ changes in preference from active investing to passive investing over the past decade. Impressively T. Rowe Price has done this without being a major player in passive or index funds. Unlike some […]