Quarterly Dividend Payout Likely To Be At An All-Time High

A recent chart and market commentary about the S&P 500’s dividend payout approaching an all-time high caught my attention. The chart seen below, which is originally from the S&P Dow Jones Indices, shows that dividend payouts have increased nearly 152% since Q3 2009. In Q3 2009, the dividend payout was $47.21B and in Q2 2019 the dividend payout was $118.68B. This dollar amount was an increase of 6.3% on year-over-year basis from $111..6B in Q2 2018, and the 11th straight quarter of dividend payouts over $100B. The all-time high was $119.81B in Q4 2018. But the S&P Dow Jones Indices estimates that the dividend payout may set an all-time high of roughly $122B in Q3 2019.

            Four sectors reportedly contributed about 53.8% of the S&P 500 Index’s payout through Q2 2019. Surprisingly, 16.2% was from the Information Technology sector, 14.1% from the Financial sector, 12.8% from the Health Care sector, and 10.7% from the Consumer Staples sector.

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